Sazzadur Rahman Rafi 2021-03-26T02:18:34+06:00

Sazzadur Rahman Rafi

Designation: Consultant, Communication and Strategic Partnerships

Expertise: Technology & Innovation, Public Relation. People Analytics, Business Intelligence  


Sazzadur Rahman has 5 years’ experience of Strategic Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Business Intelligence and People Analytics in academia and corporate world. He has proven track record of helping private companies and non-profits in data driven decision making.

Sazzad also teaches People Analytics at Purdue University to help students understand how People data can be leveraged for better strategic decision.

Sazzad has served as VP of Education for local Toastmaster Club in Lafayette, Indiana. Sazzad is also the lead of Big Data and Technology Network of ‘Youth Policy Forum’.

Sazzad is passionate about using technology to solve business and social problems. As a graduate research consultant at Purdue, Sazzad has helped Proctor & Gamble to optimize production planning using big data. He has also served as a research consultant for Indiana Transport Division and helped them in understanding how autonomous vehicle will change business ecosystem In Indiana.

Sazzad has been an active advocate of disability inclusion and fighting social stigmas. He has co-founded a social media platform called ‘ MenSpeak BD’ and he has been also working as a resource person for “Rise and Shine’ project to bring meaningful change in life of people with disabilities.

In his free time, Sazzad likes to read economics and think how economics impacts our daily life. Nomor Togel Hari Ini